What kinds of pets do you care for?

Primarily we care for dogs, cats and horses. We also care for birds, fish, small mammals and other livestock.

What types of pets are more comfortable with in-home pet care as opposed to boarding kennels?

Kennels can be the ideal situation for some pets. Pet Sitting Plus visits pets that might not be comfortable in those environments. These may include:
  • Pets that do not enjoy the company of unfamiliar pets
  • Nervous or fearful pets
  • Horses or livestock who need to be cared for in their home paddocks
  • Pets that may exhibit anxious or aggressive behaviour towards unfamiliar pets
  • Older pets
  • Pets with medical conditions or concerns
  • Pets in a multiple pet household who enjoy each other’s company

How many times would you visit my pet(s) in a day while I am away?

We can visit from 1 to 4 times a day while clients are away for the weekend or extended vacation. We can accommodate more visits upon request.

What is the earliest time in the morning and the latest time in the evening you would visit my pet(s) while I am away?

We start our pet visits at 6.00am. Our last visit of the day is approximately 9.00pm. We ask that you provide both an ideal time for each visit and an acceptable time range to begin each visit. This helps us to schedule each sitter’s visits for any particular day and allows additional time if delayed at a previous visit. Pets with medical or special needs are always a priority.

How much time would you spend with my pet during each visit?

We spend a minimum of 15 minutes during each visit, but the total minutes each day can be broken up to best suit your pets needs. For example if you choose to have us visit your pet(s) 3 times a day for a total of 90 minutes, this time can be broken up in a few ways. You may decide to have each visit last 30 minutes or you may opt for a longer 60 minute visit in the morning (maybe to include a walk or changing paddocks or electric tape), then a 20 minute feeding in the evening, and then a 15 minute check at night. Each visit is customized to fit your needs as well as your pets.

Do you provide house sitting or overnight pet services?

We are designed as a daytime pet sitting service but overnight visits can be arranged.

Can a pet sitter stay with our pets 24 hours a day?

At this time we do not offer 24 hour pet care.

Can my pet stay at a pet sitter's home?

No. Client’s pets do not stay at a pet sitter’s home.

How much do you charge for pet sitting?

Our rates are based on the number of visits needed per day and the total minutes required within that day. We will visit a home from 1 to 4 times per day. We will spend from 15 minutes up to 2 hours a day. Please contact us at holli@petsittingplus.co.nz or 06 752 1179 or 027 305 7137 for more information on individual pet sitting rates.

Do you change your rates for more than one pet?

We do not charge extra for additional pets, however, additional time may be required to care for multiple pets to ensure that individual affection and attention is provided.

Would my dog be walking with other client's dogs?

We only walk up to three dogs from one household at any time. We would never walk your dog with an unfamiliar dog. If you and a neighbour both require dog walks, and you dogs get along well together, we could discuss walking them at the same time for a discounted rate.

How much do you charge for dog walks?

Our rates are the same for our pet sitting services and dog walks. They are based on how much time we spend with your dog. Please contact us at holli@petsittingplus.co.nz or 06 752 1179 or 027 305 7139 for more information on our dog walking rates.

Can you bring in my mail and take care of my rubbish while we are on holiday?

Yes. We do additional household tasks such as bringing in the mail, taking rubbish out to be collected, watering plants and alternating lights and curtains at no additional charge. These tasks continue to make your home look occupied while you are away, which ultimately keeps your pet(s) and your home safe while you are away.

What services do you provide during the week while I am working?

We offer dog walks, feeding and medication administration (for cats, dogs & horses), holding horses for the shoer or the vet and provide transportation to the veterinarian for cats and dogs. We also provide indoor or outdoor playtime to release your pet(s) energy. We are flexible and would like to provide services you require to meet your individualized needs.

What time would you visit my pet(s) if I need help while I am working?

We typically visit pets from 10.00am to 3.00pm on weekdays for our clients who need help while they work. We will ask you what your ideal time is, along with an acceptable time window to begin the pet visit.

Can I meet the actual pet sitter before he or she cares for my pet(s)?

Pet Sitting Plus requires that each pet sitter is introduced to your pet prior to service commencement. We can arrange for you to meet the pet sitter that would be caring for your pet(s). Sometimes a client will allow a pet sitter that is familiar with their pet(s) to introduce the pet(s) to a new sitter that will be sharing holiday visits.

There are a few pet sitters out there. What sets Pet Sitting Plus apart from the rest?

  • We take a personal, custom approach to every pet and every visit.
  • We have experience to handle our client’s pet and equine needs.
  • We ask each client to complete a Pet / Horse Profile for each pet. We want to know the personality and preferences of your pet(s) prior to the first visit.
  • As we get to know your pet(s), we build on their Pet / Horse Profile so that each subsequent visit is even more enjoyable for your pet(s).
  • We interact with your pet differently according to their personality.
  • We structure our visits as closely as possible to your pet(s) routine.
  • The preferences of your pet(s) is our focus. We play fetch with your dog, cuddle with your cat… whatever your pet(s) prefers.
  • We communicate with clients about visits we have made with each pet. Clients can expect a detailed note after we have finished each daily visit or a set of weekend away or holiday visits. We will happily send a quick text or e-mail after each visit if requested.
  • The ability to access Pet Sitting Plus via a website, e-mail, text or by phone: petsittingplus.co.nz, holli@petsittingplus.co.nz or 06 752 1179 or 027 305 7139

Do you care for horses or livestock?

Yes. We provide a broad range of pet sitting services for horses and some livestock.
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning of manure
  • Changing of rugs or covers
  • Changing paddocks
  • Shifting of electric tape
  • Meeting vets
  • Meeting the farrier

I prefer to have my key back after service. Do you charge extra for key pick-up or drop-off?

No. We do not charge extra for key pick-up or drop-off. We will do our best to coordinate a time when we may already be scheduled to be in your area.

Would the key I give you have my name or address on it?

No. We mark each key and the key remains with the pet sitter at all times (in a pocket or backpack) during service. Some clients prefer we hold on to their keys for convenient or last minute scheduling. When not actively caring for your pet(s) all keys are secured separately from your name and address.

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